June 25, 2019

Why Children Should Science More [Infographic]

Science is one of the greatest subjects for inspiring young minds to explore, test, play and ultimately create. And the way that children learn and scientific method have a lot more in common than most people might think.


Starting with a simple idea children are able to try and prove or disprove an idea, learn from the outcome and improve their knowledge, much like the fundamental process that scientific research follows.

Science helps children to answer questions about the world they live in by showing them how to think critically and teaching them the resilience to keep on questioning. Ultimately science doesn’t just teach kids about science, it teaches them about life and how to think independently for their entire lives.

And getting children interested in science is easier than you might think:

So without further introduction here are 8 great reasons why children should science more, created by our guest blogger –  psychology and science website, psysci:

why-kids-should-science-more (002)

Infographic: Why Kids Should Science More


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