July 17, 2019

“We Both Read” Series – Gives Kids Patience-Power for the “Slower” Words in English

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The “We Both Read” series, featuring one page of simple vocabulary for the child to read and the next page with more difficult vocabulary (allowing parents to introduce new words) is frankly BRILLIANT.

My husband and I read with our son nightly since he was stuck in utero. We are continually defining word meanings. He loves to read out-loud with us, but becomes irritated when we have to stop too many times to clarify word meanings.

The We Both Read series would have alleviated part of his irritation. The remaining irritation just comes naturally with our fast-plot-media-driven children until they can appreciate the finer settings and imagery, which can only be created by the “other” and “slower” words in the English language.

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read with me


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