July 21, 2019

TV – Does it Help to Develop Imagination?

I asked my 6-year old son what possible super power was he working to develop while watching TV?

He didn’t miss a beat.

He turned to me and said, “My power to spot very small things quickly Mom!”

Hum… this kid is smarter than even I originally thought.

I need either to re-think my line of questioning or just roll with it.

The number of stories, jokes, one-liners he throws at me after watching his select comedy shows gives cause to wonder its affects on one’s imagination.

Thoughts or references for me?



  1. I’ve wondered the same thing many times! There are so many studies that insist brain activity severely decreases as a result of watching television. I have even heard that every single member of a household loses five IQ points per television in the house. But my son (4) throws information from his favourite television shows at me like a major league pitcher. I didn’t teach him the definition of “decay” or that “loco” is Spanish for crazy. He got that info from T.V. shows and movies. When young minds are so hungry to be filled, I think it might just be inevitable that they absorb much of it from children’s television shows. As long as it’s not a replacement for parent supported and supervised learning, I think a little T.V. can definitely provide some benefits!

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