July 21, 2019

The Super Power of Imagination

I recently overhead a mother condemning a child because of a supposedly “over-active” imagination.  www.youthmuse.com Some of us have LOST it! I mean it.

How far down the rabbit hole we have fallen to think that imagining things is equivalent to some form of “insanity”!

We have to stop “synonymizing” (yes, I made up a word) as a lazy way of defining the full meaning of a word. Imagination does NOT equate to crazy mind. There is nothing wrong with imagination. He who condemns it must surely fear for their own tentative grasp on reality.

And pity the child who is ridiculed for being imaginative. If the child knows he is imaging when he is imagining, and he knows he is dealing with facts when he sees real facts, then Bravo!

IMAGINATION is a vital “Super Power” most strongly held by children. Imagination is vital for the creation of any kind of future at all. If no one creates new combinations of things in their mind first, nothing gets done, nothing gets made, nothing becomes a reality.

A kid doesn’t know all there is to know about the big, bad world yet, so he makes up for it with a big, wild imagination now. So what? He will learn all about this world soon enough.

And what, after all, is this worshiped thing we call “reality”?

One day we’re friends because we decide we are going to be friends. The next day we change our minds and all of a sudden we’re not. Did “reality” change?  Or did our agreements about “reality” change?” Doesn’t it really just boil down to what you and I agree to be real is real? Let’s just go with that.

And let’s stop compressing our kids into OUR “reality” too early.

I am stepping down from my imaginary soapbox now.

What are your thoughts?



  1. Wow, I’m completely opposite! I encourage my boys to imagine/dream. In fact, I often go along with it because it’s fun. It’s what gives each of us, as individuals, pleasure in life.
    What would the world be like without dreamers?

  2. Nice article. I agree. Far more people suffer from lack of imagination than too much of it. Use it or lose it.

  3. we should encourage our kids to let their imaginations go wild. congrats on getting google friend connect…I’m now following you!

  4. I find myself giving my dear, well-meaning, literalist husband the “evil” eye when he instinctively “corrects” our son when he makes something up or changes events in his head etc. He can’t help it – he’s a journalist, facts run in his blood. So it is a never-ending battle to give our kids the freedom to imagine while still making sure all facts about said events are accurate! LOL! At the same time I am also trying to help their wonderful Daddy learn to be a kid again!

  5. D. E. Lamont says:

    Great points and very well expressed, Dana! You touch on something very profound here! The imagination is that ability that seems so very close to the free life-force of anyone, and it is the first thing that ill-intentioned people go after when they try to suppress or reduce or depress someone. Witness the artists throughout history who have been attacked and even ruined or driven crazy by those who felt their creativity and imagination was a threat. Great point to make and kids themselves should understand this from an early age.

  6. “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein

    I think you and Albert have hit on something here 🙂

  7. I love this, Dana! Thank you for spotting that and setting it straight!

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