July 21, 2019

The Secret Ingredient in Elixir to Gain Super Skills

Imagination appears to be the secret ingredient in whatever “elixir” it is that one drinks to gain the Super Power of Negotiation, among other Super Powers.

My son Hunter’s imagination is very acute and vividly real.

To validate this, one would only have to venture into his amped out bedroom, hear the life in the stories he reads aloud or watch him playing with his bins full of action figures from every aired episode of Star Wars, Planet Heroes, Ben 10, Bakugan, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

Actually, it was my son’s very rich and powerful imagination that drove me to create YouthMUSE. 

And when it comes to him using that imagination to get what he wants, he appears to be a direct descendant of Donald Trump.

Perhaps this is a characteristic of an only child.

Aside from the fact that I’ve never even met Mr. Trump, my son either inherited his mad, mad negotiating skills or got ahold of whatever’s in that elixir he drinks.

Not that any mother wouldn’t want her son to grow up to become as wealthy and successful as Donald. But when your 6-year-old is already out-negotiating friends, family and strangers to part with their coin, toys and Wii games, you know it’s time to dial back on the sales training. 

I decided long ago not to enter the “I want” battle with my son. Instead of saying “No” I say, “Sure! You just need to earn the money.”

Of course, I always hope he’ll pick chores to facilitate this, as I always have a stack of them backlogged and begging for attention. But when it came to the hermit crab pet Hunter wanted, he went for what he thought would be a more direct solution.

He gathered all of his possessions he was “done” with, laid them out next to a neighbor’s Garage Sale sign and sat for hours on a blanket in direct sunlight and summer heat until he sold every last item.


When I’d venture out to offer a drink or snack, he’d be haggling over the price of some toy with a frustrated, somewhat astonished father whose eager young son was trying to grab the toy Hunter cleverly kept out of reach until his business was concluded with the exasperated father.

He made enough money in a few hours to purchase the hermit crab – housing and all.

Have you ever driven across country with a 6 year-old-boy and a hermit crab? To say which one was more amusing and which was more frustrating would be a challenge in itself. I’ll tell you the story another time.

 Imagination precedes future plans and actions; Why not make it healthy and active for your child as he grows older?


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