July 21, 2019

The Parent Super Power to Discover and Inspire Goals

An acquaintance recently criticized my child’s seemingly unrelenting quest for fun and pleasure.

This spurred a debate on the concept and definition of “pleasure” – a word which seems to have gotten a bad reputation in the last 100 years or so. 

To think that pleasure is synonymous with idleness, wastefulness and debauchery or being just plain spoiled is a wrong-headed way to go.

Obviously, TRUE pleasure has some connotation of good works in there.  And the most lasting pleasure and attainment of happiness is found in overcoming barriers toward a stated end goal which brings better survival for self and others. www.youthmuse.com

The greatest pleasure a musician can achieve is making his or her music come alive for the audience. The genius in management, science or any field is overcoming problems and actually achieving the final goals: a successful project, a new chemical formula, a device that saves lives.

But, evil does take “pleasure” in evil. Thus, it’s observable that one’s concept of pleasure is dictated by his own ideas and intentions.

After a run-in with a bully, my young son asked me to get him into a self-defense martial arts class. After trying various disciplines, he settled on Judo-Jujitsu (they used this Perfect Mind system we liked a lot). Martial arts classes discipline him while punch on the web helps also with time management.

He works his hiney off in his Judo class. He’s being tossed down and pranced on by kids several years older, yet he can’t seem to wipe the smile off his face. He doesn’t care how physical it is, to him this is FUN!

This is PLEASURE – he is happy because he’s getting closer and closer to his own survival goal.

As parents, we have the Super Power to discover and clarify our kids’ goals, both short and long-term. We can help them identify their purposes for choosing those goals, to recognize the barriers and encourage them to keep overcoming those barriers. 

We can help our kids WIN in life by discovering and helping them with their own goals.



  1. TERRIFIC INSIGHT here ~ Too true that pleasure and its purpose have gotten bad rap and become ill-defined, thanks in no small part to the pseudo-science of psychiatry behind the “psychology” of advertising.

    Great choice of photos – they really help convey the wisdom and bring your message alive!

  2. That’is more than sensible! That’is a great post!

    • Great! Glad you liked it. Sorry for the delay in answering. My Spam Filter was working overtime. Let me know if there are any other subjects you want posted.

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