July 16, 2019

What Would You Do If Money Were No Object? – New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year 2013!
The best gift you can give yourself – spend 3 minutes and watch this video before you ink your New Year Resolutions.


101 Education of Voting – For All Ages – The Simplicity

Imagine reducing a complex subject like VOTING to a simplicity that anyone can understand! Here’s a principle that is universally understood, and every rational person can agree on:

If you reward success, you will get more success. If you punish success you will get less of it. Conversely, if you reward failure, you will get more of that.

What do I mean by universally understood and agreed upon?”


YouthMUSE Oz and Ozette – Are you SURE you want to visit this site?

In the spirit of FULL disclosure, I thought it only proper I reveal the OZ and OZette behind the curtain of YouthMUSE.


Book Review: Becoming a Nation of Readers, What Parents Can Do

I have found an EXCEPTIONAL book that I feel should be embedded into every Parent and Teacher Manual that every was, is, or will be.


Not a Boring Blog

I am an “Understanding” junkie. Dana is a teacher, a writer, a fumbling blogger, a twitter-addict, and avid reader. Robert Jackson, is an engineer, a writer, a clueless genius, and a turkey-neck.


Real Life Super Hero Inspiration for YouthMUSE

Ponder this long enough and you realize that imagination is a good thing! I, for one, don’t want to squelch it. Kids and adults alike need inspiration and dreams. That’s how we go from good to great.


Super Heros influencing children’s choices

Super Heroes influence the life choices of children in both a positive and negative way. This is especially true in today’s world of abundant information and numerous entertainment choices. They often focus on their hero’s Super Powers without realizing the very real powers of their own passion, talents and abilities.