July 16, 2019

The Superpower and Art of Problem Solving – The Artistic Edge

Convincing people of the importance of an education in the arts can be a tough sell. In 2012, math and science are heralded above all else and the general public still tends to overlook the arts. When a school faces budget cuts – music, visual art and drama are typically the first to go.

The reality is that we are doing our children a great disservice by not immersing them in the arts. More and more studies are proving how children exposed to an arts curriculum demonstrate increased skills in critical thinking when compared to their peers.

Think about it. Why wouldn’t an arts education with its focus on creativity, produce young people capable of thinking outside the box? Artists are constantly pushed to explore unchartered territory. The truly great ones are those that produce new and exciting work that has never before been created.


YouthMUSE Oz and Ozette – Are you SURE you want to visit this site?

In the spirit of FULL disclosure, I thought it only proper I reveal the OZ and OZette behind the curtain of YouthMUSE.


Guest Blog: Raising Boys with Kid Imagination and Inspiration

Don’t tell your kids what they can or can’t do with their own time: If they have earned recreational time, they get to do whatever they please, even watching TV or playing on the computer, if that’s what they want to do. Otherwise, there is no incentive for them to earn recreational time.


4 Things I Wish I’d Known BEFORE Becoming a Teacher or a Parent

I am going to give you the 4 Things I wish to God I’d known BEFORE becoming a teacher or a parent. Have mercy on your fellow teachers and parents and pass this along.


The Super Power of Keeping Imagination Exercised

IMAGINATION is a vital “Super Power” most strongly held by children. It only appears to fade as we age.


Super Power Inspiration

How do we take the Super Hero inspiration around us and translate that into a discovery of our own inherent and unique talents abilities?


Kid Inspiration!

How could I get my young child to focus on the tasks I needed him to do?


Super Heros influencing children’s choices

Super Heroes influence the life choices of children in both a positive and negative way. This is especially true in today’s world of abundant information and numerous entertainment choices. They often focus on their hero’s Super Powers without realizing the very real powers of their own passion, talents and abilities.