July 21, 2019

Fortifying your Child’s Positive View of Education

While your child may have already adjusted to their new back-to-school routine, waking up for school each and every morning doesn’t necessarily imply that your child truly understands why they go to school in the first place (especially the younger children).

For some children, school is just seen as a dreaded and mechanical obligation more than an opportunity to enrich his or her mind. Viewing school so negatively at an early age can have serious long-term consequences—your child may begin to lose motivation at an early age, may drop of high school if given the chance, or may choose not to pursue a higher education.

Enjoy the rest of this Guest Post and her suggestions!


The Super Power of Imagination

How far down the rabbit hole we have fallen to think that imagining things is equivalent to some form of “insanity”! Imagination is valuable and vital to creating the future and tomorrow’s society.


The MUSE of FUN for Student Efficiency

For learning to take place with any kind of efficiency students must be motivated


Super Power of Focus – A Tool to Save Your Sanity

To grow any worthwhile skill it would take some attention focused on that skill until it becomes part of you.


Super Power Inspiration

How do we take the Super Hero inspiration around us and translate that into a discovery of our own inherent and unique talents abilities?


Kid Inspiration!

How could I get my young child to focus on the tasks I needed him to do?