July 21, 2019

Tax Lovers of America – Beware! A FairTax Movement…

I wish to alert you to a serious problem. There is a movement across the country to dispose of the Federal Income Tax System and replace it with a National Sales Tax, also called a “consumption tax.” It’s known as the FairTax proposal.

Not only will we lose our income and payroll taxes but we will also lose our gift taxes, estate taxes, capital gains taxes, alternative minimum taxes, Social Security/Medicare taxes, self-employment taxes, and corporate taxes. All this WITHOUT reducing revenue to the Federal Government!

In case you’re concerned that the government is not taxing us enough, YOU ARE NOT ALONE ! See this IMPORTANT MESSAGE *Caution – Funny


Why I Taught Four-Letter Words to My Children

“I know a lot of words,” she explained. “Would you like to hear about some others?” She listed several more four-letter words and offered to give the etymology of each one.

I didn’t explain that Dorothy Jr.’s erudition was part of an experiment of mine to see whether knowledge of taboo words could erase their black magic. If my kids learned the story of individual “foul” words, would they seem so foul when it came time to use them?

It’s not that I wanted potty-mouthed offspring. On the contrary, I wanted my kids to rise above foulness. Rather than be shocked or victimized by the crude language the permeates our culture, I wanted them to become connoisseurs of language.


It’s my Blog, I’m From Texas; So Deal With It

I am sorry folks, but this was TOO good to not post. If you need a laugh, read on! If not – click out of here fast.

I was born and raised in Texas, but spent over 24 years in California. Now that I am back in Texas, I feel I am well qualified to post the below and say it’s really spot on.

Enjoy the California-Texas Translation Guide; Intended for use when listening to mainstream media.


The Super Power of Laughter

When study is getting “too serious,” with whining now the favorite mode of speech, it is time to lighten the mood! There is true super power in laughter.

Family Tree of Vincent Van Gogh by Anonymous:

His dizzy aunt ———————————————– Verti Gogh

The brother who ate prunes——————————- Gotta Gogh


Guest Humor Blog: Parenting Decisions Simplified!

I get high on math graphs as often as a high school boy huffs paint. I use them all the time, finding value in almost every parenting decision I have to make.


The Super Power of Self-Discipline

Self-Discipline: The ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.

My attempt to explain self-discipline to my 6-year-old son was both humorous and enlightening.


Laughter! The Best Teaching Tool Out There

Friends: I give you a link guaranteed to send roll you on your desk top in uncontrollable spasms of laugher; Only the English would have thought of this:


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