July 17, 2019

How to Defend Against a Super Villain – The Sexual Predator

I do not want to scare kids, I want them to be prepared; the Boy Scout motto with a twist: “Prepare For The Worst and Get The Least.”

Our world may seem civilized for the most part, but the veneer is thin and cracking. For you to achieve your goals as parents (Moral and Self-Reliant Children) then you must be willing to educate them even on the uncomfortable subjects you pray your kids never have to deal with.

As a parent, you are your child’s super hero. As unpleasant as this subject may be, please find the strength within to confront and teach yourself and your children how to deal with the Super Villain – the Sexual Predator.


When Evil Strikes in the Form of Sexual Predators

This is a painful subject; a subject no parent would ever want to discuss – until it happens to one of your own children, and then you’re forced to confront and dissect all aspects of it.

I did not even know the full and accurate definition of the word until tonight, when I forced myself to confront and “categorize” this atrocity, much less work have a plan to overcome it once it struck.

I normally keep my blog light, informative, and educational; there is no need to make the world “feel” more unsafe; the nightly news does that for you nicely. However, today I have to turn dark in order to pass on this information and education to all parents and children out there.