July 17, 2019

When Evil Strikes in the Form of Sexual Predators

This is a painful subject; a subject no parent would ever want to discuss – until it happens to one of your own children, and then you’re forced to confront and dissect all aspects of it.

I did not even know the full and accurate definition of the word until tonight, when I forced myself to confront and “categorize” this atrocity, much less work have a plan to overcome it once it struck.

I normally keep my blog light, informative, and educational; there is no need to make the world “feel” more unsafe; the nightly news does that for you nicely. However, today I have to turn dark in order to pass on this information and education to all parents and children out there.


The Super Power to Take On a Bully Without Becoming One

This is a painful subject for a mother to talk about; No one wants to admit it is his or her child who has done some bullying and that some of their tendency to bully has come from you.