July 21, 2019

Super Heroes Recognition – Find Your Team!

“Pupils are more like oysters than sausages. The job of teaching is not to stuff them and then seal them up, but to help them open and reveal the riches within. There are pearls in each of us, if only we knew how to cultivate them with ardor1 and persistence.”  Sydney J. Harris – “What True Education Should Do” 1964 ¹Ardor: great warmth or intensity, as of emotion, passion or devotion.

With this recent school year at an end, I find myself stuffed with information overload.

I have never spent so much time with Pre-K to 3rd Graders before in my life.  And for those who have not experienced prolonged exposure to this age group, I assure you that theirs is a completely different universe.

At first, I felt that a medal – or at least an official sleeve patch – should be in order for every year a good teacher puts in.  Now, the more I think about it, I see that our “patch” is alive and standing on two feet (most of the time), and talking up a storm!

Moreover, what it says and does reflects your attitude, ability, and effectiveness as a teacher.

I have just accepted a 7-week summer position as a teacher with the Delphian Academy in Oregon. I’m very excited about the prospect of working with this band of true professional educators. And my son, who’ll be a summer student there, is excited about the prospect of learning horseback riding and archery new Super Power skills for him!

It is crucial for a teacher to find that group of co-educators and students to work with who can inspire them to the next level of competence. One website that might help teachers along with this is www.reelteachers.com.

You’ll know you have found the right team for you when you wake up excited about the day ahead, Even if your body’s tired, you’ll find your mind wondering about potential solutions or new approaches for resolving some apparent obstacle.

Communication will flow easily and readily between you and your teammates.  It will feel like a team, not a task. You will grow to depend on each other’s strengths, and any weakness can be filled in like an ocean tide smoothes the beach.

When you find or make that perfect fit, you tend to find balance.

Good luck!



  1. While I agree, the most amazing prize at the end of all this parenting work is the adorable kids, I still think parents should get merit badges. 🙂

    And the Delphian School is fantastic. Sister and I both went there, and my parents both worked there for some time. Nothing like it anywhere.

  2. Congrats on finding a great team to teach with this summer!!

    I’m up with Tad on the merit badges for PARENTS 🙂

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