July 21, 2019

A Super Computational Knowledge Search Engine for Super Heroes

Any Super Hero in training requires some form of super computer and knowledge base. However, each of our powers may vary person to person, and only a few of us thus far can tap into the “brains.”

We need not only a knowledge base, but also a computer that will do calculations and compare data for us less accessible minds.

Do you wish you had a search (but computable) engine specially designed alike for educators, parents, students, engineers, scientists, and economist? Not to mention the everyday any-age researcher simply curious about the world at large?

Now there is!

Although still in its infant stages, it is quite powerful. They call it a “Computational Knowledge Engine.”

This “Knowledge” Search Engine will do elementary math for your 1st grader, to engineering computations – including graphing.

Mom – this is your search engine. You can ask, “What’s in 2 cups of OJ?” and it will give you a nutritional breakdown. You can add foods to the list and it will update the breakdown for you.

Types of questions it will answer:

–       What’s the height of Mount Everest divided by the Golden Gate Bridge.

–       What’s the 3rd largest country in Europe?

–       Who is the president in 1900 (by any country)?

–       What is the popularity of the baby name? But then compare that name to another name, giving raw statistics, history and geographic info. Move over Baby Name websites.

–       International Space Station – get the most up-to-date info and location.

–       High school teacher median wages.

–       History and use of any specific websites.

–       Financial history of a specific company.

–       Weather trends in an area.

And even Scrabble Scores for the words you type in!

Type of question it will NOT answer:  “Best books for a 7 year old boy?”  You still need human input for opinions and feelings.

They call it “Wolfram Alpha” named after its founder and initial Super Hero creator Stephen Wolfram and his team.

Their tag line is:  “Making the world’s knowledge computable.”

They further explain: “Wolfram|Alpha introduces a fundamentally new way to get knowledge and answers— not by searching the web, but by doing dynamic computations based on a vast collection of built-in data, algorithms, and methods.”

For those who don’t know Stephen Wolfram, he is a Super Hero who tapped into his mind! He published his first scientific paper at the age 15, and received his PhD in theoretical physics from Caltech by the age 20.

You can do a brief introduction here: Wolfram|Alpha Overview

They have created a Student Edition and Home Edition for Kids and the every-day person.

For those Pre-Algebra and above students, they have a visual software called “Mathematica” that brings math to life and allows you to visualize the equations and formulas.

For elementary and middle school students, they have created models for teachers and parents: “Mathematica for Primary and Secondary students.”

We only put really, REALLY worthwhile books, websites, and products in review at YouthMUSE.  This made the grade.



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