July 16, 2019

The SECRET SILVER BULLET for Educators and Parents

 YouthMUSE has been off-line for 3 months, researching and sifting for a senior, single fundamental piece of knowledge that any Teacher or Parent can used to help them successfully educate and raise children.

If you only applied only one idea and method to the education of adults and kids alike, which of thousands would give you the biggest bang for your buck?

I’ve tugged and pulled from all corners of my own mind and others’, observing and experimenting with adults and kids alike. And I found what works 100% of the time in both a classroom and household setting. It even works with husbands and conversely, wives.

I laugh now at the simplicity!

A modern take on Occam’s Razor Theorem along the lines of “Simpler explanations (all things being equal) are generally far better than complex ones” really does apply here.

This is not an original idea – far greater minds came up with the idea. But stripped to its simplicity, I knew the modern parent and educator would benefit.

Hold onto your hats – here it is:

“Give them wins!”

Everything you do has to be towards validating that they know, understand or can do something first, before you can gradiently add to their knowledge base – i.e. teach them anything new.

As a teacher, I have sat before the dullest and asked for the simple, mundane piece of knowledge related to the subject at hand. Once the child has given it to me, I’ve gone out of my way to smile and congratulate.

At once, the child’s confidence is raised. He begins to believe, ever so slightly, that he could know and could learn.

When that door is finally open within ANY child, there is no dam strong enough to hold back the tidal wave of eagerness to learn more.

For me personally, the regular application of this one, simple datum was the difference between my own son being confident, happy, and willing to take on more challenges vs. being disgruntled, scared and unwilling to try new things.

This does not mean you tell them they are right when they are not; that would be cruel and set them up for sure failure in life.

This means you start with what they can understand, and get it firmly planted in their mind that they do know and can do. Once done, you can gradiently add to that base, each time validating their new knowledge with praise.

Isn’t that what we do with our babies? We sing praise when the baby burps, blinks and. . . well, you get the idea. And we see their confidence rise and their willingness to try new things grow as a result.

Teach people to persist with the subject they are struggling with, but first draw forth what they DO know and prove to them that they CAN learn and do within that subject.

If they have lost confidence and willingness, fall back to one or two things you know they know and can do. Once their confidence is raised, then go forward utilizing basic modern study techniques.

It’s a Silver Bullet of Education for any age!

I have worked with an adult afraid of failure in a profession. By simply practicing this method, I was able to help them raise their confidence enough that they were then willing and eager to go all out, learning even more than they thought they could in a subject.

I would never have gained such willingness without guiding them towards the reality that they can learn and they do know enough to know more.

Using this basic, workable simplicity of Education – Give Them Wins – you can easily formulate your lesson planning and successful methods as a Teacher, Parent and Educator.

Good Luck! I look forward to hearing your wins.


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