July 17, 2019

Guest Blog: Raising Boys Supers With Imagination and Common Sense

This is the 3rd installment this April of our celebrated theme: Raising Boys! Earlier Installments has been on topics both controversial and informative; Join the conversation!

10. Provide a Firm, Guiding Hand: Part of your job as a parent is to provide a firm, guiding hand. If you do not, someone else is going to have to, and that means you dropped the ball as their parent.

11. Don’t do Things for Kids That They Can do Themselves: Doing so violates the rule, “Don’t treat them like a kid or that’s all you will ever have on your hands.” As soon as they are old enough to understand and physically do it, they get to make their own lunch, put their dishes in the sink, etc. 

12. Let Them Help!: Start with household duties; Start small and work up. For example: make one child responsible for towels. They put them in the wash, fold them up, and put them away. If they cannot master household tasks, they will never master much of anything else.

Remember – you do not want them living with you until they are 30. They need to feel comfortable taking care of all their house and common living duties all by themselves or the fear of living alone might be enough to keep them home!

13. Don’t Give Them Money Unless They Earned it: There is no such thing as an “allowance” in real life. Why should there be one as a kid?  They do the dishes and they get a $1. They mow the yard and they get $5.  They ask for something, I ask them how much money they have?

 They do not ask me for money anymore, they ask me what they can do to earn money for something they want. Isn’t that what we want our kids to do: EARN MONEY, not ask or beg for it?

 The key is to have something they can do: clean the garages, laundry, fix a computer, etc.



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