July 21, 2019

“Quality” of You – a Telling Super Power

YouthMUSE welcomes  a new Guest Blogger – Scriptwriter and Video Producer Tom Solari:

A long time ago I delved into the meaning of the word “quality” and I discovered something very interesting. When you get to the root of it–qual, qua, kwa, hwa–you get the concept of “who.”

 The “quality” of an individual’s work has everything to do with “who” that individual is. You are unique.

If a particular person’s work is generally agreed to be “quality” work, it’s because that individual is expressing a “who-ness” that is close to a generally accepted ideal.

The videos I make are always about that “who-ness.”

Whether it’s a house painter, a doctor or a sculptor, in each case that individual puts himself or herself on the line and invests a certain “beingness” into their work.

“By their works ye shall know them.”

This can be good or bad but it’s a truth.

I gravitate towards people who are really good at what they do. What makes them really good is that they put their true selves into their work and it shows.

You can find samples of Tom’s work on his website Solari Creative Services.

Contact Tom: tom@tomsolari.com

818-558-7231 Film/Video Producer



  1. Thanks, YouthMUSE! Glad you found that useful!

  2. Thank you for sharing this remarkable essay!

    The root meaning of the word “quality” is in itself an inspiring revelation.


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