July 16, 2019

“Out of Touch” – The Alternate Universe of Minecraft


The sound drew me back to her reality. I looked up at the wall clock and knew my time was up; there’d be hell to pay. At any moment angry-she would walk into my room and find me crouched behind my familiar, loyal laptop—deep down in my own private digital universe of 0s and 1s.

Wolf Venom: we stay in survival mode and mine what we need — no cheating to gamemode1 for easy captures of ore

A world only I could transverse without her following and bugging me to do stupid-ass chores or worse—homework.

Wolf Venom:i n33d more iron – smash that wall

WCushion:crafting new pick ax – hold on

My Minecraft world is three times bigger than her world. Why would I choose the mundane? This power is limitless, the results instant.

Hand7853 has joined the game.

You don’t have permission for this area.

Hand7853:hey guys! cool LAN!!! can i build?

I choose to be alone; no one may enter unless personally invited into my server realm.

Wolf Venom:sry busy with something — later

kick Hand7853

She’s been gone for a few hours, leaving me—trusting me—to complete the fractions and handwriting homework I’d been successfully avoiding for days. Phish! As if there would be any use for cursive handwriting by the time I joined the Gods in Silicon Valley. And fractions –had she ever heard of a calculator?

She was seriously out-of-touch with what was coming. Very soon, it will just be your favourite St Albert eyeglasses upgraded with modern technology, voice commands, and keyboards. Even keyboards will fade once they’ve finalized the Thinking Cap, and they’re close now.

I’ll get the usual lecture: “I’m out-of-touch with reality, no child should waste all day playing video games.”

Talk about a waste—she’d lost hours of her short life in useless slumber while I had built an entire village from dirt to dome, enriched an economy, created cathedrals and manufactured my monuments.

She’d washed my dirty underwear and crusted dishes, while I’d constructed a 63-story castle of brick and stone to house a treasure of precious gems—diamonds and gold packed high in treasure chest— protected from heinous thieves, and my big brother.

She’d created another vegan, GMO-free, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free meatloaf to extend her life of dredge, which will go untouched by me—again—as its skin flakes around the sawdust bark and berries that she’ll serve with my dinner.

And all the while, I had killed and roasted a cow and feasted with my virtual friends around the world on steak and potatoes and pumpkin pie.

WCushion:dude! cr33pers swording my Steve!! teleport me out of here

/tp WCushion to Wolf Venom

WCushion:damn! you b33n busy since last night. Is that the tower?

Wolf Venom:ya like? i put in 3scape hatches in library

I’ll always protect my small windows of mental escape.

Wolf Venom:toss m3 your wood for smelting– w3 build the next glass dome here

My infinite sandbox. No one to say: “No, you can’t.”

Wolf Venom:readable b44ks and gold’s in chests protected under 10 layers of stone



She’s due back any minute.


I’ll log off for just a bit and crack open the math book.  But when she leaves, I’ll return to complete something that truly matters.

Besides, she’ll take my computer away if I don’t; ending my rule before I’m done.

Wolf Venom:need to jump — keep going — BRB

WCushion:k s33 u soon

Gawd! This is so slow and boring: read-thought-number-write-read-thought-number-write-read-thought-number-write. This will take F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

Her processional footsteps down the stairs vibrate the wood planks in ominous rhythm.

She doesn’t get it. What adults can do in a century, I can do in five hours.

She can keep her mundane reality and meager existence and leave me to starve in mine.

Wolf Venom:dude – back — whoa… you added a roller coaster- brilliant!!!!

WCushion:i know right!??!

“Jacob Swartz! What in God’s name ar- (blah-blah-blah-blah)”

Wolf Venom has left the game.



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