July 16, 2019

Book Review: Miss Nelson is Missing – Insouciant and Entertaining

My son delighted in Miss Nelson Is Missing, written by Harry Allard and illustrated by James Marshall, 1977. The book engaged, the prose believable, the story insouciant and entertaining. The book was turned into a Children’s Theater production, which we saw live in Dallas, Texas 2011.


Every child can relate to the setting and characterization of the first line, “The kids in room 207 were misbehaving again.” School is the one thing in common with all First World children. You mix school with misbehaving and you have their full attention.

That their sweet and lenient teacher would go “missing,” replaced by a mean and hideous substitute carried a child along plausible conflict. The search and eventual resolution was an enlightened relief for all; the mean substitute was their sweet teacher in disguise.

Miss nelson

YouthMUSE gives it a big thumbs-up.




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