June 25, 2019

I hear you!

Here are a few of your comments to our YouthMUSE blog. Thank you and keep them coming!

– I enjoyed reading your bio and I also like your website. Your excitement about learning and teaching children is apparent. D.M – Author of “Tired of my Bath”

– Thanks for this and all your helpful posts! YouthMuse is a dependable source of great tips and well-chosen resources for parents and kids.

The quality of teaching tools available to today’s youth is amazing, and were all lucky to have YouthMuse! Definitely a blog to recommend! D.J. Houston, Author – HAVENWOOD TALES

– “You’ve really struck the heart of the matter here, YouthMuse – both problem and solutions!  So true that the decision is ultimately up to the individual when it comes to his education. Your positive approach and relative, entertaining content continue to be a joy to this reader!”

– “HILARIOUS!!!!!!!  I’d seen this video posted and very popular on Facebook, but had never watched it all the way through. Guess, what!? It just KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER!!  Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention – KIDS can’t help but have some great laughs with anyone lucky enough to watch it with them. Yes, laughter IS the best medicine 🙂 “

– A hero is someone we look up to, someone who doesn’t let life stop him. In spite of villians, in spite of seemingly insurmountable odds, the hero doesn’t give up. Can you imagine what this world would be like if each one of us decided to be a hero. Add as much “super” as you want, I think any level of hero is pretty special. So how do we get there? Perhaps a challenge is in order… JG

– This post is dynamite! DELIGHTFUL!! Thanks for sharing your sage advice with the world. p.s. Your mother was absolutely RIGHT ;-D

Great points and very well expressed, Dana! You touch on something very profound here! The imagination is that ability that seems so very close to the free life-force of anyone, and it is the first thing that ill-intentioned people go after when they try to suppress or reduce or depress someone. Witness the artists throughout history who have been attacked and even ruined or driven crazy by those who felt their creativity and imagination was a threat. Great point to make and kids themselves should understand this from an early age.

– Thank you very much for sharing this very wise and lovely take on the meaning, magic and true spirit of Christmas. And what a darling boy in this photo! LOVE in abundance for you and yours throughout the coming year! We on Havenwood are looking forward to MORE MORE MORE from YouthMuse!!

– “What a truly wonderful lesson to share!! Thank you for writing this, Dana. A fitting tribute to your Long-Haul Friend. Susan was a Joy!” JS

– “Your articles are so helpful. YouthMUSE is gold! Wonderful wisdom to share with parents and teachers!”  DJ

 -“You positively impact everyone whose life you touch (including mine) with your boundless enthusiasm. I know this new project of yours will flourish and prosper as you have.” Eddie Guy

 -“Dana, so brilliantly magical & very spirit of play!!!! I love it! : ) Keep inspiring away!” Leah

 -“This is a great message! This sounds a lot like the concept of accountability and is great to be reminded of that on a daily basis… wonderful website Dana!” M.A.


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