July 21, 2019

How to Get Super Powers: Non-Traditional Schooling vs. et. al

My youngest son was protesting, quite loudly I might add, on the system of school and “unfairness” of homework. Me thinks he doth protest too loudly … or does he?

“School” has become synonymous with “something I MUST do” in his mind. Otherwise, the “school police” will come and arrest you (his words).


This is coming from a kid who asks 100 questions in a day. He craves knowledge. He really and honestly wants to know the Who, What, Where and Why of life and living. www.youthmuse.com

A very good author and fellow mom posted this on her website: http://melindawentzel.com/

“Unanswerable questions never die.”

“…they simply migrate to more fertile regions of our homes where they mutate into hideous manifestations of their original forms, leaving us wringing our hands and damning our inadequate selves.” PLANET MOM

 It has become apparent to me, on a personal level, that our traditional school system and “education” are no longer synonymous. 

 REAL-LIFE EDUCATION should make a child’s life happier, worth getting out of bed for, and productive.

You know, useful subjects like:   

  • How do you read the paper map AND a GPS?
  • How do you read a bus route when hopelessly lost?
  • Mom’s asleep and I’m hungry – how do I cook for myself?
  • How do you mop a floor without getting it far dirtier?
  • How do you balance a checkbook before your bank sends you those lovely you’re out-of-money dude – that will be a $35.00 charge?
  • How do you negotiate at Garage Sales for bulk purchase of your gotta have doodads?
  • And a true necessity: How do you order food in line without being bullied by the cashier or impatient patrons? 

If kids cannot study and become COMPETENT in applying subjects that interest them, subjects they are passionate about, we’re setting them up for heartbreak.

By the time the “terrible teens” kick in (far more potent than those would-be rivals, the “terrible twos”), most of life’s simple basics should be in place.

Perhaps the edge might come off, or dull just a bit, with teen parenting if teens felt more secure, confident and competent about dealing with real-life. 

Home Schooling, On-Line Schools, and other non-traditional approaches to education may be on to something.

I’m a fan of http://www.appliedscholasticsonline.com/ for the non-traditional and http://www.delphian.org/ for the more traditional approach and with LOTS of hands-on practicals and real-life education thrown in.

A different approach is certainly in order – one that steps outside the box of rote reading, watching or listening without application and practice.



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