July 21, 2019

Guest Post: Always Just A Mom Preschool Curriculum

Hi!  I’m Stephanie from Always Just A Mom  and excited that Dana is allowing me to guest post over here at Youth Muse!

I’m going to be sharing with you a very simple and exciting Preschool Curriculum Plan that I have developed for my own toddlers.

I’m the mom to String Bean (3) and Biscuit (2) and they are 13 1/2 months apart.  Most days I have to plan what we’re doing and then keep them moving or they will end up all over the place.  I’m a former Middle School teacher, turned stay at home mom, and although I know how to develop curriculum I wasn’t sure I knew anything about “preschool” curriculum…well I was wrong.

The Internet is full of FREE preschool information, handouts and activities!

I decided on weekly themes specific to each month.  You could easily just pick one or two themes for the entire month and you could just plan on focusing on those ideas one or two days a week or just do a daily activity around those ideas.

Here’s are upcoming year:

August:  Birds, Nursery Rhymes, Dinosaurs, Routine

September:  Fall, All About Me, Leaves, Apples

October:  Trees, Pumpkins, Farm Animals, Halloween

November:  Family, Native Americans, Fruits & Veggies, Thanksgiving

December:  Christmas and Advent Activities

January:  New Years, Hibernation, Colors, Winter

February:  Transportation, Valentines, Dental Health, Five Senses

March:  Pet Week, Forest Animals, St. Patrick’s, Spring

April:  Weather, Community Workers, Zoo Animals, Easter

May:  Caterpillars, Garden, Safety, Mother’s

June:  Storybooks, Fathers, Frogs, Summer

July:  Fourth of July, Bugs, Camping, Beach/Ocean

My goal is too not only teach about “things” but also think about what we do as a family throughout the year that I can relate to with my kiddos.  We always visit a farm in the fall, we go apple picking in September, we start really going back on our zoo trips in April, we like to try to visit the beach in July; all of these experiences are learning opportunities

I also wanted to share a few great websites I’ve used to help me along my curriculum development:

ABC Teach – Free Printable, Activities, Clip Art

First School – Preschool Activities and Crafts

Our Preschool Homeschool Blog – Although their kids grew their information and links are still active!

First School – Preschool Themes and Lesson Plans

The Daycare Lady

As a parent we are the first teacher our children meet and interact with, from day 1. It’s a very important role and to some it comes very naturally; others need to put more structure and thought to this responsibility.

Even if this seems overwhelming consider just writing these themes on a calendar and think about books you could read, TV shows and movies that you could watch as a family, or even just conversations about what happened during your own day that center around these themes.  It not only will enhance your children’s learning but it will make you think, appreciate, and learn a little more each day too!

Thanks for letting me share a little about what we’re doing here with you and I hope you’ll stop by Always Just A Mom

Thank you Stephanie! Your views are always welcome here on YouthMUSE with your great ideas and resources to help us all on this quest for WELL educated, able and self-reliant children.



  1. Great information from Stephanie. I follow her blog. I will definitely use this link again for my 20 month old for ideas.


  2. Thanks for posting these great ideas, YouthMUSE ! Always Just A Mom has the right idea.

    It’s so true that parents are the first teachers a child has. Grandparents, too ;-). And hands-on teaching through example by those who raise him, along with learning tools that truly INTEREST a child, can be priceless assets to him for all of his life!

    D.J. Houston, Author

  3. I appreciated your professional way of writing this post thanks; you have made such a nice blog. I found in your website perfect for my needs it contains wonderful and helpful posts.

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