July 21, 2019

Guest Blog: Raising Boys with Kid Imagination and Inspiration

This is Part 2 of our Guest Blogger Greg Gum’s unique article on poignant points he uses to sucessfully raise boys. Each of these topics has been subject to controversery in the past. Join in the conversation!

5.  Production is the Basis of Moral:  If you do not get them productive, they will be very unhappy with themselves and life. They need to be productive at school, productive on their homework, productive with helping around the house. They know that is what is expected of them in life, don’t kid yourself into thinking they aren’t bright enough to understand this. They need to know they can produce something of value in life, don’t rob them of that feeling.

6.  Don’t tell them what they can or can’t do with their own time:  If they have earned recreational time, they get to do whatever they please, even watching TV or playing on the computer, if that’s what they want to do. Otherwise, there is no incentive for them to earn recreational time.

7.  Treat them like the adults they are aiming for, not kids:  No sympathy, no “you’re too young to help out”.  Treat them like a kid and they will always be a kid. Treat them like an adult (within reason) and they will become productive adults. They are just like you and me, only smaller bodies, not fully developed. Kindness, Patience,and Persistence are expected and wanted traits from adults. Set the example! Use them with your kids and expect the same from them.

8.  Enforce Bedtime:  Kids are very enthusiastic and want to stay up late on their latest hobby. Make them go to bed on time, even if that means dragging them to bed in a firm and friendly fashion. In time, they will understand why, and it will not be a problem.

9. Keep these rules in on yourself:  You set the example. If you do not follow your own rules, then must not really mean what you say. If you stay up until 2 AM every night, they are going to follow this too. If their bedtime is 9PM, yours should be shortly afterwards; otherwise, they feel they are missing the party. You can always get up earlier!



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