July 21, 2019

Fun London Series Book Review

“I have always loved life and I find the people I meet to be of great interest. I believe in the basic goodness in all of us and in the joy of creating. I write to bring some of my joy to others. Remember, if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.”  Fun London

My name is Fun London. I write for kids. The reason I write is to entertain and inspire kids to live more creative and positive lives. I would also like to increase their interest in reading.

I started writing because I got tired of reading the stories that populated the school readers for students to study in English classes. I’m trying right now to sum them up in one word; I’ve got it down to three:


 I find too many stories about rape victims, poverty, personal tragedy, etc. The basic content is suffer, suffer, suffer, suffer, beautiful sadness, and at the end somehow endure. Not the topic or message I see as helpful, entertaining, enlightening, or interesting to the youth of America.


The stories seem to emphasize the worst in life. Much like watching many of the reality TV shows. Or Law and Order SVU. Or the nightly news.

and Boring:

The worst part about the stories was how little interest they generated with the students I was tutoring; students who were not being inspired to read. They hated the stories.

I try to write stories and books that are fun, that have action, that make you laugh, that entertain, and that remind our youth that life can be a great adventure. If I do that I figure they just might pick up another book and read some more.

I currently have 3 ebooks available which can be read by students age 10 and up or to read to younger children:

The Dog Prince – Find out how a dog became the prince of an entire country in this tale of adventure and danger in the land of Brink.

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 The Wonderkind – Learn what happens when a boy falls overboard and finds himself in the amazing underground world of an ancient race called the Wonderkind.

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Lost in the Woods – This is the tale of a boy whose tragic life desperately needs a little magic. Discover what happens when he gets Lost in the Woods.

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Thank you Fun London for your wonderful books! We are happy to have you on YouthMUSE.

Much less is known of his father as he was lost in the stormy seas off the coast of Ithaca shortly after Alfundo
was conceived.  After spending his youth on the island of Corsica learning the language and ways of the French,
Fun found his way to America and settled in the hills of Pennsylvania. He spent some summers in Canada and
others working for a carnival where he met many interesting people who fueled his imagination.

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