July 21, 2019

Educator Tool Review – The Way to Happiness Kit


About 8 months ago, I requested an Educator Kit from The Way to Happiness Foundation International for use at school.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a binder full of pre-made lesson plans, a DVD, a CD ROM and instructions on how to deliver these well-planned lessons. 

These kits are available to all teachers and educators around the world. The material, included the DVD,  has been translated into major languages.

I created a large chart with each of the precepts. A precept is defined as, a commandment or direction given as a rule of conduct or action (Random House). I typed out all 20 some-odd precepts and enlarged to poster size for quick reference and distance reading. I posted them in the lunchroom for curious eyes to see when I wasn’t using the poster in class.

I also delivered 5 different: 45min lessons using 5 of the precepts I felt the kids most needed help with. I did one a week each week for 5 weeks. It included watching the portion of the DVD that discussed the particular precept I was teaching.

Although some of their take-home material was useful, I did generated my own lesson plan, which included skits (always popular with kids) and other creative ways to teach the ideas.

The Mission Statement for the group says it all. We can all use a lot more of groups that work to accomplish this type of Mission.

 YouthMUSE recommends the materials to educators, parents, and teachers alike.


“The mission of The Way to Happiness Foundation International is to reverse the moral decay of society by restoring trust and honesty the world over through the publication and widespread distribution of The Way to Happiness, a common sense guide to better living.

That mission is accomplished on a grass-roots level, worldwide, by individuals who share The Way to Happiness book with others and so bring about an increase in tolerance and understanding between families, friends, groups, communities, nations and Mankind—making a safer, less violent world for all.”



  1. Dear YouthMuse,
    (I love your name. 🙂 )
    What a brilliant pgm!
    I read the little booklet you mentionned and was very interested.
    Would you please share some results or reactions achieved by your kids from teaching them such life basics as part of your class?
    Thank you your time and giving such good example. 🙂
    Sincerely, JP

    • Hi Jp –

      Thank you! I am fond of the name too 🙂

      All my students were excited and enthused about the program. They loved doing skits. They loved doing the homework. They were proud of the cleanup work they did in the neighborhood. They were proud of the help they gave their parents.

      It was far easier to teach them these morals than I thought, as they are more natural for them to accept change than adults are.

      A pair of sworn “enemies” realized their hatred wasn’t worth it anymore and became civil.

  2. This is sooo cool!
    Thanks for sharing.

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