July 21, 2019

Designing Your Child’s Education Plan: Is College Right for Your Child?


Is College Right for Your Child?

The answer to this question lies with the child. What are his or her goals and interests in life?

If he or she wants to be an engineer and work with a group of engineers who require the fundamental skills and knowledge taught in a university engineering program, then yes – he or she will need to attend university. And the sooner the better.

If a child is self-motivated and wishes to work in their chosen field far earlier in life, then why stop them? Fourteen-year-old computer programmers are becoming a norm.

Sure, an argument can be made that the formalized education systems of colleges and universities dictate what you need to study in order to meet THEIR policy and standards. But why this instead of allowing a student to study what he wants to know in order to meet his own goals?

Why waste a student’s manhood or womenhood insisting they study plants and rocks in depth instead of just gaining a basic surface recognition and understanding of these subjects?

I predict that such authoritarian curriculum requirements will and are slowly dissolving away.

One can and should design a curriculum that caters to the interests and goals of the student, starting at a young age. And the more that curriculum aligns with the student’s interests, the more willingness he will have to learn and gain in-depth understanding.

I have personally experienced a 12 year “on-again off-again” relationship with college, attending 5 different schools.

I never enrolled in my first official accredited college until I was 31, when I decided to study Engineering. I simply hadn’t needed a formal traditional college to accomplish my goals in life before then. Instead,  I self-studied an average of 12 hours a week for 15 years and achieved various certifications – all based on my interests at the time.

Now my interests have changed; my focus is Education. The formal world of Education academia requires certain degrees and certification. So at 44, I find myself back in college.

No harm came to me because I did not choose college at 17. In fact, my life experiences to date only enrich my enjoyment of college. Now is my time for this specific education – and not before.

A person’s life is his own.

If you align a child’s education plan with curriculum designed to support his or her personal interests and goals, you’ll have a self-motivated, highly willing and very interested student from the get-go.



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