July 21, 2019

Media Inspired Super Powers: Children’s Technology Review

Hello YouthMUSE Fans and Home Educators,

I have been out for most of the summer doing Educator training and working at my new digs The Delphian School in beautiful Sheridan, Oregon.

I am back on-line and will start to send you a few new sites and ideas for inspiring your children.

My first link is to the website Children’s Technology Review.

Children’s Technology Review is a monthly PDF newsletter — modeled in the spirit of Consumer Reports — designed to summarize products and trends in children’s interactive media.  There is no advertising content, in any form.

COST: $24/year for 12 PDF issues (each about 20 pages long) sent by email the first week of each month. A three-hole-drilled laser printed version (used by research libraries) is available for $108/year, along with a binder. Each issue contains approximately 50 new children’s interactive media products deemed to be significant to children’s interactive space. These include apps, technology toys, web sites and services, facebook plugins, video games or platforms. Subscriptions include access to an online database, and back issues dating back to 2005 in PDF format. Visit the Subscription Form for more information.

WHO IS CTR? WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVE? Originally a Master’s thesis, Children’s Technology Review was created by Warren Buckleitner in 1993, after ten years of research at the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation that resulted in a systematic evaluation system for evaluating children’s software. There was a need to better understand the expanding world of children’s software (at that time, there were 40 new titles — per year!) As of 2011, the database contained 13,000 products; over 10,000 reviewed. Newer software and games are tested and archived at the non-profit Mediatech Foundation in Flemington New Jersey. Older titles have been archived at the Strong Museum of Play.

Find out more by visiting their website!



  1. Thanks for this and all your helpful posts! YouthMuse is a dependable source of great tips and well-chosen resources for parents and kids.

    The quality of teaching tools available to today’s youth is amazing, and were all lucky to have YouthMuse! Definitely a blog to recommend!

    D.J. Houston, Author

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