July 21, 2019

Book Review: Oliver the Overachiever by Karin Mesa

Oliver the Overachiever by Karin Mesa

In her magical children’s book Oliver the Overachiever, author and illustrator Karin Mesa does a spectacular job of introducing fun new vocabulary words.

My 8 year-old son loved the beautiful illustrations! And as he read the book out loud to me, he stopped at appropriate places to seek the meaning of new words. Karin provides a very simple glossary in the back of her book to allow Educators to explain word meanings.

The message is clear – it is okay to let loose one’s ambitious nature and strive to truly honor oneself by displaying one’s true colors for all to see. For only then can being oneself, no matter how different, become the norm and not the exception.

This K-8 teacher gives it two thumbs-up and YouthMUSE recommends it!

Dana Houston Jackson – Teacher and blogger for www.youthmuse.com 



  1. It’s a plersuae to find someone who can think so clearly

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