July 16, 2019

Book Review: Becoming a Nation of Readers, What Parents Can Do

YouthMUSE is an outlet for EXCEPTIONAL books, products, and educational games. There is a Super Power in Reading. It is a site for all parents, teachers, home schoolers, and friends to find and post helpful advice, product and book reviews, and games that aid both the child and parent alike.

I have found an EXCEPTIONAL book that I feel should be embedded into every Parent and Teacher Manual that every was, is, or will be.

Becoming a Nation of Readers – What Parents Can Do was published in 1988 by the U.S. Department of Education. A panel of education experts spent a year analyzing and researching what’s required, by all involved, to develop and strengthen the reading mind “muscles” in our kids from birth forward.

It is an easy and short, but powerful read; all of 26 pages long.

It is a compilation and excerption from the U.S. Department of Education 1984 report from a Commission on Reading.

It costs a few bucks on Amazon, or you can read it on-line free.

It is required reading in my teacher training line-up at a local school the DFW area, Oak Crest Private School.

Sending this one home with every parent would and should change and improve how a parent works with his/her child on their path to becoming a well-read, educated and happier person.



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