July 21, 2019

There is Only One of You With Your Super Powers

“There is only one me. There is only one you.

The words I say, the words I write belong to me; as do my desires, ambitions and talents, as do my shortcomings and frustrations. Your words, desires, ambitions, talents, shortcomings and frustrations, belong to you.

What I do in life; where I go; what I accomplish or fail to accomplish rests on my shoulders, and my shoulders alone. What you do; where you go; what you accomplish or fail to accomplish rests on no other shoulders than yours.

I have the ability to make things better or make them worse; only I am responsible for the choices I make. You can soar with your dreams or bow to the beckoning of evil; only you are responsible for the choices you make.

When the identity of my body flickers and the last ember dies, I must answer only to myself. And when your lifetime is over, you must answer to none other than you.”

A good friend Carlynn McCormick wrote this and it is so applicable to our message on https://youthmuse.com



  1. Emily Roark says:

    Wow! Very powerful message! Thanks!

  2. This is a terrific article! A wonderful choice for YouthMUSE. Very inspiring, and that’s what YouthMUSE is all about.

  3. Maggie Awad says:

    This is a great message! THis sounds a lot like the concept of accountablity and is great to be reminded of that on a daily basis… wonderful website Dana!

  4. Pam Dillon says:

    I like your website, Dana. A lot.

    It is very colourful and thought-provoking and inspiring.
    I am looking forward to finding out about those books and games.

  5. Joe Taylor says:

    True. But the truth of the matter is there is no end to you. You have as much future as you create and that is never ending. So splurge on it! That is evident by the fact of our creations such as our children and our childrens, childrens, chlidren.

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