July 21, 2019

Benefits of Home Schooling – The “Unschooling”

Applied Scholastics has a wonderful On-Line program for Home Schoolers. They have Guest blogged for YouthMUSE for the pasty year and we are happy to have them.

Here are four good reasons behind Home Schooling:

Students can acquire the passion Stanford University looks for in higher education.

“Homeschooled students. . . have consciously chosen and pursued an independent course of study. . . The distinguishing factor is intellectual vitality. These kids have it, and everything they do is responding to it.”Jonathan Reider, PhD, senior associate director of undergraduate admissions at Stanford University for 15 years; Stanford Magazine

Students have the freedom to think and reason for themselves.

“The rehabilitation of a person’s self-determinism is the rehabilitation of his ability to reason. They are almost the same thing. His ability to move and act at his own command approximates his ability to reason at his own will on his own data.” L. Ron Hubbard

The Educator’s Course Students get a quality private education for a fraction the cost.

“Homeschooling gave my son and daughter a vast foundation of basic knowledge and prepared them beautifully for adulthood. They both are happy, confident and successful individuals who enjoy playing the game of life!” Carlynn McCormick, homeschooling mom before home school went mainstream

Students can graduate in much less time than in conventional schools.

“It was a pleasure to complete high school at Applied Scholastics Online Academy. . . the service is excellent . . . the staff helps in every possible way . . . the instruction is spot on and fast . . . I am well prepared for the university.” Jorge Smythe, International graduate from Mexico.

Applied Scholastics Online Academy prepares educational programs exceeding state requirements. 




  1. wonderful insight. Really enjoyed looking over this blog.
    Keep up the good work and to everyone keep on learning!

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