July 17, 2019

101 Education of Voting – For All Ages – The Simplicity

Imagine reducing a complex subject like VOTING to a simplicity that anyone can understand! Here’s a principle that is universally understood, and every rational person can agree on:

If you reward success, you will get more success. If you punish success you will get less of it. Conversely, if you reward failure, you will get more of that.

What do I mean by universally understood and agreed upon?”


Tax Lovers of America – Beware! A FairTax Movement…

I wish to alert you to a serious problem. There is a movement across the country to dispose of the Federal Income Tax System and replace it with a National Sales Tax, also called a “consumption tax.” It’s known as the FairTax proposal.

Not only will we lose our income and payroll taxes but we will also lose our gift taxes, estate taxes, capital gains taxes, alternative minimum taxes, Social Security/Medicare taxes, self-employment taxes, and corporate taxes. All this WITHOUT reducing revenue to the Federal Government!

In case you’re concerned that the government is not taxing us enough, YOU ARE NOT ALONE ! See this IMPORTANT MESSAGE *Caution – Funny


Benefits of Home Schooling – The “Unschooling”

Here are four good reasons behind Home Schooling:

1. Students can acquire the passion Stanford University looks for in higher education.

“Homeschooled students. . . have consciously chosen and pursued an independent course of study. . . The distinguishing factor is intellectual vitality. These kids have it, and everything they do is responding to it.” Jonathan Reider, PhD, senior associate director of undergraduate admissions at Stanford University for 15 years; Stanford Magazine


Guest Blog – Science for Youth: What is Energy Flow

Tweet   We welcome our Guest Blogger Ron Seagal, the President of “True Education Solutions.” Ron has a number of informative articles and services for Home Schoolers and Educators.  Here is one of them: Part II – Energy Flow Defined


Finally! Super Power of Space Exploration from Home

“Terapixel gives you the ability to take a virtual tour of the cosmos from your living room.” Dr. Brian McLean Observatory Scientist, Space Telescope Science Institute

Microsoft and NASA have teamed up to create what they say is the largest seamless, spherical map ever made of the night sky, as well as a true-color, high-resolution map of Mars that users can explore on their computers in 3D.


Muse of an Era

After the week I just had, surrounded by Pre-K through 8th grade minds, each clamoring justice from their designated Sheriff (me) for playground fouls, I wonder what the great Wild West age would bring.