July 17, 2019

Why YouthMUSE?

Super Heroes, among other life-muses, influence the life choices of people in both a positive and negative way. Discovering and utilizing them properly is the trick...

This is especially true in today’s world of abundant information and numerous entertainment choices. They  often focus on their heroes’ superpowers without realizing the very real powers of their own passion, talents and abilities.  

YouthMUSE was created as an outlet for truly exceptional books, toys, systems, games and real life examples to guide and inspire people of all ages to discover their own superpowers.

It is crystal clear that focus in the right direction, at an early age, makes all the difference.

A child’s realization of their true passion, their real wants and life goals depends:

  1. First on their ability to identify them (to be truly inspired)
  2. Second on their ability to layout and execute a well organized plan to achieve them.

YouthMUSE is here to provide inspiration, and once achieved, to help with life plans.  The younger we can inspire and teach our children to focus, plan and achieve their goals (no matter what size the goal) the more assured we are of success as parents and Educators.

We are part of various blogging networks and groups that we feel can help share insights for the educators and parents of our children.



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